READ: A Guide To Stoned Snorkelling In Sydney

Let’s start by stating we do not condone the use of smoking and swimming, nor do we condone the use of illegal substances. Now with that in mind, here’s how to snorkel and enjoy some sweet Mary Jane at some of Sydney’s tastiest spots.

The mood is everything, so make sure you set yourself up for success. Gather all necessary supplies and accessories for your snorkel sesh. We recommend including the following:

If we weren’t at the beach we would definitely be adding a grilled cheese sandwich in there too, but alas, we can only work with what we’ve been given. Now it’s time to order an Uber, unless of course you took our above list very seriously and brought along a mate for supervision purposes. If so, ignore the uber and get your friend to drive. For those going solo, get your bag of goodies and enjoy that Uber all the way to your chosen destination.

Upon arrival, pull out the portable speakers, press play on the acoustic beats, turn aeroplane mode on and voila, the ambience is set. For those unsure of where to go for this expedition, we’ve outlined a few of our favourite local haunts for a smoke and a snorkel.


Gordon’s Bay

A favourite haunt amongst locals, Gordon’s Bay is tucked between Clovelly and Coogee beaches and is one of the eastern suburbs prettiest locations. With a dedicated underwater nature trail specific for snorkelers, this bay is snorkelling gold. From starfish, sea sponges, urchins and goatfish, the local submarine dwellers are everywhere.

Park at Clovelly car park and wander down to the bay. Pop your stuff on the nearby rocks or sandy area and guide yourself along the underwater trail. Tip: best time to head out is when the water is calm and the swell is low.

Little Bay

If you’re a novice snorkeler who's still getting to grips with the whole breathing underwater thing, Little Bay is the perfect spot to practice. Calm, quite and clean, Little Bay is a little slice of paradise with a variety of marine life. Located in a semi-protected cove, you can head to Little Bay for a snorkel on most days to check out the smorgasbord of sea anemones, urchins and schools of fish. You won’t have to worry about huge swells or gigantic waves swallowing you up, just keep an eye out for the rocky sidelines.

Once your finished snorkelling for the day, lay your bod on the nearby rocks or sand bankments and…. well you know what to do.


Little Manly Cove

This family-friendly space is great for slow, gentle and relaxing snorkelling. Start on the outside of the western wall and work your way around to the rocks. Once you’ve tackled that, check out the nearby Collins Flat and Store Beach which are a short stroll away.

Bare Island
We’re not sure if snorkelling and sparking up a dutch would be Tom Cruise’s thing, but if he was to do it, we reckon it would be on Bare Island. Why? Well Bare Island featured in Mission Impossible 2 - you know, the cool motorbike scene? - plus, it’s a great snorkel spot. Located off the coast of La Perouse, there is plenty to see on and off the island. Explore the islands fort and rock platforms before diving under to see the underwater spectacular. In tranquil conditions, explore the islands less-exposed coves where you will find puffer fish, sponge crabs and seahorses.

Kamay Botany Bay National Park

From sea dragons, seahorses, gropers and sharks, Kamay Botany Bay National Park has a large collection of marine life and snorkel spots to keep you occupied for days. With sheltered coves and beaches fringing the national park, snorkel from hotspot to hotspot including Silver beach at Kurnell and Congwong beach. Tip: If you don’t want to come face to face with some nude underwater bodies, stay away from Little Congwong beach. That my friends is all about getting down and naked with nature. Who knows though, after a few puffs and a new chilled outlook that’s where you may be heading next.