READ: Here's What Happened At Sunday's With Sauti Systems

Words By: Jonah Hammond

I can feel the Afro beats pumping through the concrete, shaking my shoes. I can see teens in yeezys taking photos with their analog cameras and grown men in tights making their way to the whatever fabulous party they’re planning to attend. Just your average Sunday night on Oxford street, I guess.

I first heard about ‘Sauti Systems’ through some random repost on IG. I clicked through a few stories until I found the origin, I think I replayed the ad maybe 4 times? Something had caught my attention, I quickly whipped out shazam and promptly found it was Burna Boy, a nigerian Afro Fusion artist. I couldn’t get it out of my head. The music felt heavily swayed by a variety of scenes and artists from around the globe, with a solid undertone of African influence. It was different. Cool. And I wanted to get amongst it.

Months later I find myself making my way down the concrete stairs of the Oxford underground  with my dancing shoes tightly laced and fluro green club arm band wrapped around my wrist. Sauti Systems are finally playing.

It’s dimly lit with a few blue lights around the walls, the dance floor is pack and pumping, people are having the time of their life! I slip through a few sweaty couples to make my way to the ‘D-Floor’ and start getting down with the smiling crowd. The Dj takes us on a journey and touches on everything that is hot (or about to be). I hear the likes of Burna Boy, WizKid, J Hus, Giggs and even Drake for a moment or two.

After I get my sweat on I decide it’s time to hydrate, so I grab a Tooheys New and head for the smokers section upstairs. As the Afro beats start to slip out of ear shot I’m welcomed to the chorus of ‘I wanna Dance with somebody’, the gay club that sits above Sauti Systems is just as lit! (but definitely a different vibe). I meet a few friendly fellow partiers then head back down to Sauti. I’m back and forth all night, from the hip hop/Afro beats party to the smokers section, and I’m having one of my favourite nights out in Sydney for a long time.

What a mix bag old Sydney town has to offer these days. I love it.

For anyone wanting to check out Sauti Systems, I would highly recommend. Click the links below for more detes.

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