READ: Heading To Bali soon? Introducing The Good-Guide To Bali - Drink, Dine, Dance and Adventure Your Way Around The Island

If you’re living in Australia and are yet to grab a cheap flight over to Bali, you need to sort out your priorities. Only a maximum six hour flight away, made easy with a few mid-air bevies and zilch stopovers - Bali is an Aussie-dwellers, international tropical paradise.

For those heading to Bali for the first time or visiting for the 100th time, you’ve most likely googled ‘what to do and where to go’. As you type those generic travel slogans into the holy grail of information, prepare for a bombardment of blogs, ‘travel-influencers’ and websites plugging you with the same, tired old-info. As you sit clicking away, site after site, thinking to yourself, ‘Yeah, I’m sure Potato Head is great but give me something else google gods,’ we hear you. That’s why we’re sharing the good-guide to Bali - The Leisure.

Huh? The Leisure - a relatively new Bali travel site and youth-culture publisher showcasing the cool, the unknown and the downright delicious things to do, see and experience in Bali.

We know, we know, you’re thinking this is just another website plugging the same old sh*t that no-one really wants to go to and see. Wrong! The platform offers travellers must-visit wine and dine locations, personalised daily to do’s showcasing local hotspots, exciting adventure activities, plus much, much more. In addition, the site dishes up daily curated content, spanning editorials, curated video content, music mixes and Spotify playlists. It’s the Bali go-to-guide for 18-35 yo’s who want to see and experience more of Bali.

Plus, for those who prefer to live life on the edge and travel day by day, The Leisure has a unique feature whereby travellers can pop in their travel dates and whilst they’re in Bali they will receive daily emails showcasing what’s on, the top activities, restaurants, sunset drinks, parties and health and fitness hangouts for that day. Basically serving up all the unique, unknown and ultimate happenings in Bali on a silver platter. Better yet, once you leave Bali, you automatically stop receiving updates because who here likes an inbox full of useless emails?

For those who have never been to Bali, the site has daily recommendations broken down into breakfast, lunch, sunset drinks, dinner and parties and are based on the most popular venues, what’s trending, as well as, Bali classics. Travellers can also click Daily Adventure where there are several categories, showing our top 5 recommendations (updated weekly) with book-now functionality direct to the provider, think: jungle buggies, giant rope swing, couples activities, day spas and much more.

For the more experienced Bali lovers, maybe it’s time to branch out and explore nearby islands? From the untouched paradise of Flores and the breathtaking Nusa islands, to the outdoor adventure mecca that is East Java, The Leisure is dishing up more than just Bali-based travel info. From luxury villas, top surf-spots and where to go when travelling with a bunch of mates, this is genuinely your ultimate inside scoop to Bali.

Instead of us just rambling on about all the cool AF things The Leisure are showcasing, jump on for yourselves. Head to and get clicking!