READ: Big Night? We've Pulled Together A List Of The Best Movies For A Good 2am Cry


Words by: Guy Webster

Okay so you’re chin-deep into that 2am Mi Goreng you rustled up after a long – just really long – night. Whether it was a big night out or an even bigger night in, that 2am come down is something we’ve all had to face at one point or another. So in between fork-fulls of salty noodles, the team at Only Everything took a moment to jot down our favourite weepy movies that are perfect for that late-night lull. These are the movies that’ll help you lean into the impact, steer into the crash and douse your noodles with cathartic tears.

Mild: You’re sad but maybe it’s just some indigestion and the sudden realisation that you mean everything to your dog.


The premise is simple: Christopher Walken works at Bed Bath and Beyond and gives Adam Sandler a remote that controls time. Simple-ish. No one expected Sandler’s hit and miss (mostly miss) comedic stylings to hide an existential weight that screams ‘All we are is dust in the wind’. That being said, the film’s mostly comedic and the emotional weight is ultimately warm and fuzzy, even with Walken’s terrifyingly bouncy voice. If you’re not a Sandler fan then Love Actually packs an emotional punch (or at least two scenes) in-between Christmas montages. Or there’s the existential stench of Groundhog Day. 

From the Only Everything gang: 

Medium: You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of a deep stalk of your Ex. They’re married, travelling or just generally still existing and honestly… ow.

 The Fault In Our Stars: 

A pretty self-explanatory addition, this tween-drama adds a splash of romance to our fear of mortality. Once the violins start swelling and the camera zooms into Shaliene Woodley’s cry-face, all cynicism falls by the wayside and it’s just you and the fear of being alone / thank god you’re alone. Why not go the full nine yards and pop on The Notebook or About Time after? The inevitable lovelorn cry these movies will foster will at least be healthier then that ‘I miss you’ drunk text.

From us:

Severe: The end game for existential crises (or maybe it’s just that weird sad moment that seems to happen every Sunday night), these are the films that should accompany you into the abyss. 

Marley and Me / any movie with a dead animal in it.

Marley and Me had half an hour left to go when I walked in, a beacon of positive ignorance, ready for a feel-good movie experien - Oh look, a dog! Nothing compares to an animal’s death in a movie. From that scene in I Am Legend to not touching Eight Feet Below with a ten-yard stick, seeing almost anything fluffy and loyal die is a sucker punch to the guts. It’s also the main reason why all of us are terrified for the upcoming live-action Lion King. I swear if they do a live-action Bambi the end is nigh. 

Honourable mentions go to: Sophies Choice, the first 14 minutes of Up (and at least half of Toy Story 3) and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. 

Our other favourite severe cinematic tear-jerkers here in the office go to:

Now that your Mi Goreng is done and the tears have been spent, there’s nothing left to do but sleep, hydrate and wait until the next 2am slump to come. From the equally emotional gang at Only Everything to you, let those tears flow.