READ: Thredbo’s Winter Entertainment Line-up Is Here And It's Spectacular

Words By: Guy Webster

I don’t want to ignite Game of Thrones PTSD, but winter is literally coming. 
It won’t be long until the relatively mild – but ‘f*cking freezing’ according to every Sydney-sider – Aussie winter pushes many of us into full hibernation. But before we let the chills of winter lock us into that comfy glow of ‘just one more episode’, we gotta remember the literal silver lining of these winter months.

It’s ski season.

Now when it comes to skiing, I personally have two left feet and a tentacle but even my clumsy ass is keen to check out Thredbo this winter. Every year, Thredbo plans some amazing gigs, parties and events that – along with a healthy amount of alpine-themed cocktails – are sure to warm you up this winter. From the bubbling spas of the Alpine Bar to the renowned DJs that flock to the dancefloor of Thredbo’s Après, they’ve jammed the winter season with tonnes of goodies. The four Full Moon Parties - on June 17, July 16, August 14 and September 14 – are definitely ones to keep an eye out for but we’re more interested in the incredible slew of artists on offer this season. 
Donning their best statement beanies – or should I say, their best 80s-fluro parkas – Client Liaison will be headlining the Heineken Saturday line-up on August 24. You can catch Hayden James tearing up a DJ set early August or bow to local favourites Hot Dub Time Machine in mid-August alongside Jamie Allan and Mickey Kojak; or you can bask in the now meme-able glory of Bag Raiders’ ‘Shooting Stars’ when they open the season on June 8.


In-between the star-studded gigs, there’s the annual First Base shindig on August 14. Presented by Falcona and Canadian Club, this vintage soirée brings together an eclectic mix of retro hits and 80s fashion. It’s the perfect time to whip out those classic leg warmers you bought after watching Season 1 of Stranger Things. Featuring Tom Tilley, Hugo Gruzman and Happiness is Wealth, it’s also one of the best nights of the season.

Then, from September 4 to 7, the snow will be painted rainbow with the Rainbow Mountain party. The Heaps Gay DJs, Brendan Maclean and our favourite, Rachel Maria Cox will be dousing the crowds in glitter and prosecco while the snow continues to fall.


Beyond the glitter-clad chaos of the Après bar, Thredbo still offers scenic snowshoe tours, backcountry adventures, après galore and the legendary Heart Attack Burger from Thredbo Burger Bar. There’s something for anyone looking to take a bit of a break from the epic party atmosphere – let a beautiful snow-clad view cure that hangover.