READ: Thredbo’s Pale Ale Uni Week - Here's What Went Down...

Words by: Guy Webster

Our mates down in Thredbo were back at it again last week, offering the perfect party to conclude the Uni holidays. From the 22 to 26th of July Thredbo hosted tonnes of epic gigs, themed nights and downright bloody fun activities to make the beginning of semester that little bit easier. Kicking off with the General Pants SnO Blowout and ending with an epic gatho of the Kosci Cossies, the week was jam packed full of the best kind of nights with the best kind of mates; and the Only Everything crew was there for every second of it, dancing through the cold, shredding the slopes and playing host to some special guests.

The folks down at the Thredbo really know the struggles of being a Uni student, offering a massive discount to all tertiary students during the week for a 5day lift pass. All up, tonnes of folks saved up to $266, money that’s suddenly come in handy after spotting the price tag on that prescribed reading list. Then, after a day on the slopes or lazing about in the Village, Thredbo hosted a bunch of epic events. 

The General Pants SnO Blowout brought some darn great entertainment for the first night of celebrations. Hosted at the Keller Bar in the Alpine hotel, the night was full of drinks specials, free General Pants giveaways and amazing tunes by Carmada DJs. Folks returned to the Keller again Monday night for a wild night hosted by Barney Cools DJs. From 9pm on, the bar welcomed a number of party-goers fresh from the slopes and donned in their fave Hawaiian t-shirt of dorky Dad outfit. But the outfits only got better – and brighter – with Tuesday’s Neon Retro Ski-themed party. Partnering with us, Barney Cools DJs returned to the Kellar Bar once again for a night of vintage vibes and non-stop party jams.

At the Friday Flat on Wednesday, guests were watched a 1.5 hour urban rail competition on the Flat’s iconic stairs before heading back to the Keller Bar for a night of 90s-style Double Denim hosted by yours truly, Only Everything in collaboration with Abrand. Together, Abrand and Only Everything hosted well-known DJs, Alex Hayes, Jack Freds and Pat Stevenson for an epic night of tunes and Abrand giveaways. 

Before the final Pale Ale Banger Party, crowds of brave guests headed out to the slopes in nothing but their budgie smugglers. Skiing down Thredbo’s classic Supertrail, the smugglers flew through the snow fields and were rewarded with tonnes of tasty brews at the Alpine Bar afterward. Then it was on to the final party for the week, the Pale Ale Banger Party, featuring incredible sets by Joyride, Groove City and then the Only Everything DJs. 

The week-long ski and party – and repeat – event was an absolute hit; and it’s definitely worth the week-long hangover we’re currently making our way through. Happy first week of Uni!