READ: Lift Your Snack Game With These Lifesaving UberEats Hacks

Words By: Lucinda Starr

Adulthood is hard. No one tells you that you’ll be spending your hard earned dosh on laundry powder and train fares. There’s no one to pull you out of bed when you forget to set an alarm or make an emergency dash to Woolies when you’ve used the last sheet of toilet paper.

It’s a tough world out there. So, we’re here to make life a little sweeter. Here’s the hacks you need to know to step up your next UberEats order.

Schedule Your Recovery Feed In Advance

It’s 1pm the next day and you’re still marinating in regret after a big night at the pub. Even your iPhone’s screen feels too bright to handle right now.

Do a solid for your future self and schedule your hangover meal before you’ve even started your booze-filled session. Order all the chicken wings and greasy fries you can find, and throw in a can of coke or two for good measure. When you’re wallowing in self pity the next day, you’ll be greeted with a dose of carb-loaded goodness right on cue. Genius.


Step Up Netflix + Chill, With Cinema Popcorn

Heading to the movies ain’t cheap, especially when you add in a trip to the candy bar. Thankfully, the legends at HOYTS have you covered with your favourite cinema snacks available for order via UberEats. Yes, you can get Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, a bag of Maltesers plus a Choc Top on demand (you can thank us later).


Skip The Grocery Store and Get Gelato Delivered To Your Door

We’ve all tried to impress that special someone with an adventurous dinner. If your attempt at homemade carbonara didn’t quite hit the mark, we’ve got your back. Nab yourself a tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie gelato from your nearest Ben & Jerry’s or Messina and let the team at UberEats cure your post-dinner blues.