READ: Shit For Your Valentine Delivered In 24 Hours

It’s 8:30am, the rush of people on their way to work knock you, the piercing car horns wake you and the hustle and bustle of the morning commute preps you for the beginnings of your 9-5 daily grind. As you commute to the concrete prison you call work, scrolling mindlessly through your morning insta stalk, it hits you. The declarations of love on social media, the sidewalk flower stand and the stench of love in the air - it’s fucking Valentines Day... and you’ve forgotten.

As the schvitzing sets in and you internally swear like a sailor, the stress of not getting your significant other something special sets it. With eight hours of the working day left for you to pull your shit together, you google, ‘same day delivery.’

If you’ve also forgotten the ‘day of love’ and are yet to purchase anything, drop a bit of Valentines day dough at these same-day-delivery retailers.


Uber Eats

Unconventional - yes.

Appreciated - we think so.

Instead of the conventional bouquet of flowers that will die in tee minus 4 days (this is not a good representation of love) why not deliver your special someone an epic feast. Go all out with an entree, main and dessert and get it dropped off at their workplace.

For an added romantic touch, check out Messina’s ‘Feeling Thorny’ limited edition Valentine’s day creation. Dulce de leche and earl grey gelato with strawberry compote in a white chocolate lined waffle cone, topped with dulce de leche, strawberry compote and salted caramel chantilly ‘petals’. The cone is set within a choc hazelnut praline mousse and chocolate brownie ‘pot’.

If they aren’t frothing over this out-of-the-box thinking and delicious meal, dump them.


The Iconic

They may not be dishing up flowers and heart shaped chocolates but they are serving sweet threads and cool kicks. What better way to support the commercial ploy that is Valentine’s day then by purchasing your loved one a new wardrobe. We’re crushing on Reliquia’s seashell necklace for the ladies and a tasty pair of Nikes for the lads. Plus, you can deliver straight to them if their within metro areas. Winning.

Beer Beer Beer

Manflower Co is based on two well established truths in life: 1.drinking beer is fun and, 2. receiving presents is fun. So with that in mind, if you significant other loves craft beer, this is the ticket to your beer drinking partners happy place. Deliver them a cold craftie via a six can slab, a socks + beer combo or the ultimate craft beer, chocolates and nuts bonanza. Man Flower Co. are based in Melbourne, so melbournians this one’s for your forgetful selves.

For Sydneysiders, check out Brewquets - the beer delivery service changing all forgetful partners lives for the better. For just $35 including delivery, these guys will ship three craft beers wrapped in tissue and a hessian tote and adorned with a card for a cute ‘lil message.


Edible Blooms

Food - tick. Romance - tick. Flowers - kind of, tick.

If you still wanted to get your partner something semi-romantic, Edible Blooms makes it extremely easy for you. Specialising in chocolates and edible bouquets, plants, gift baskets and much more, this one is an easy win. Plus, if you get them something large enough you can share in the deliciousness later that day.

Picnic In Annandale

Ok, we lied, this one isn’t a delivery service BUT it’s super cute and easy and can be done on the day! Cornersmith Cafe + Picklery do all the hard work for you, pulling together a picnic box full of their favourite things. All you have to do is order online, go in-store, grab a rug, plus a box full of pickles, salad, cheese, fruit and bread and nestle up in the nearby park.

So during your lunch break, grab your loved one, head to Cornersmith to enjoy a pickle or two (not that kind ya filthy animal). Plus, if you have a sweet tooth you can add a selection of sweet treats and kombucha to the mix.


Dan Murphy’s

This one goes out to all our couples and singletons who love a bottle of mother nature’s hard stuff. Whether you’re sipping wine solo or sharing it with your better half, Dan Murphy’s can deliver it straight to you on the day. So fill up your online cart with wine, champagne, beer and spirits and lets turn this day into a partaayyy.

Laura Tebb