WATCH: We Think We've Found The Best Brand Video Ever Made!

If all you had was a few minutes to capture an audience, evoke an emotion, better yet, sell them on the dream of your brand, statement or mission how would you do it?

With in the space of four minutes, the creative craftsman behind BAAK Motocyclettes, a French motorcycle creation workshop based out of Lyons, have done just that.

Without focusing solely on the brand, the workmanship or the company itself, BAAK developed a short film on the emotion behind a bike. The ‘Three Of A Kind’ movie showcases how different an experience on two wheels can be from person to person. How a unique build can provide more than just a great ride, it creates a feeling and an emotion for the rider.

This mood piece had us captured from start to finish. We may not be able to ride a motorbike but this movie has made us want to get out and hit the open road stat.

Directed by Aurelian BAUD Panorama Std

Soundtrack – Lecomte De Bregeot

Starring – Madison Deverite and Jerome Faccioli

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Laura Tebb