WATCH: NETFLIX's Russian Doll ruined my Sunday night, but I'm absolutely in love with it

I’m gonna’ take you back in time a little (very Russian Doll of me). It’s Sunday night, I’m 15 mins into Natasha Lyonnes new NETFLIX series and I’m f*cking confused… It’s frustrating, repetitive and TBH i just wanna’ know what happens so I can turn it off and catch a 60 Minutes episode (we’re all guilty of it). But then I waited, I watched and over the course of 8 episodes I fell in love with each and every one of its unusual characters and quirky storyline. The series has a way of pissing you off and keeping you constantly intrigued at the same time, which lead me to a full 4-hour binge.


In short, the show slowly breaks down Nadia’s (Natasha Lyonne - The strangely sexy chick from American Pie) twisted upbringing, whilst you endure her ongoing ‘looping’, the search for her cat and the questioning of life itself. I’d like to tell you more but there’s no point, you seriously just need to watch it.

Here’s to hoping there’s a second season!

Need more convincing?
Rotten Tomatos: 100%
IMDB: 8.1
Vox: 5/5

Jack WarwickComment