WATCH: Here's 5 Coachella Performances From Week One You Should Watch

Source: Andrew Ruiz

Source: Andrew Ruiz

Holy damn, Tierra Whack is bad ass… The V-talented songwriter, rapper, and all-round creative genius blew punters away with not only her performance but particularly face-melting visuals.

Here’s ‘Unemployed’, one of the many highlights from her show. If you’re not following her on the gram yet, then you best do so!

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Lovely Aussie boys originally hailing from Byron Bay (now based in Berlin), PARCELS, soothed punters into a wavey state of emotion. Throughout their funky rendition of ‘Closetowhy’, there’s some true enjoyment taking over the crowds faces! These guys have worked with the likes of Daft Punk and constantly produce a pretty rare authentic 70’s sound.

Just FYI, there’s a new bad-bish in town… Janelle Monáe made us feel like we were watching somewhat of a hybrid between Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj at her Chella set over the weekend. She’s fierce, her lyrics occasionally a tad naughty and her on-stage presence is something you gotta’ see. Her track Django Jane is one for the sisters!

TBH, we’ve never been huge country music aficionados but Kacey Musgraves may convert us. Some are calling her Coachella set one of the most memorable of the weekend. Yes, this may be due to her amazing singer-songwriter tunes, but it may also be in part due to her ‘Velvet Elvis’ performance.

Whilst getting the audience to giver her a ‘haw‘ for every ’yee’, the crowd started out strong before failing tremendously. On the last yee and haw (this is getting all very confusing), Kacey doesn’t say ‘yee’ but the audience still belt out ‘haw’. In true country fashion, Musgraves shouts out ‘I didn’t say fuckin’ yee!’


Welcome, the real daddy shark. If you’re yet to hear the latest remix making the rounds prepare yourselves for the most annoyingly-genius remix to-date. DJ Jauz pulled together a mashup of the viral children’s tune ‘Baby Shark’, with a side order of Darude’s Sandstorm. The result - pure genius.