WATCH: The Release Of The New Aladdin Trailer Is Bringing Back All Kinds Of 90’s Nostalgia


Disney movies were at their peak in the 90’s. From Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan and Aladdin, some of the biggest and best children’s animations were sharing their magic with the youth of the 90’s.

Twenty years later (are we really that old) Disney is reimagining and adapting these classics into live-action films and us 90’s kids are experiencing vivid flashbacks of rewinding cassette players and crying to the terrifying, booming voice of Mufasa. As we reminisce on the films that made our childhood, we’re struck by the stark contrast of these re-releases. Thrilling and vibrant remakes of classics that formed our imaginations, developed our love for fantasy and convinced us that animals could speak.

With the recent trailer release of Disney’s upcoming remake of Aladdin, it’s hard not to be bowled over by a tidal wave of nostalgia. As Will Smith blasts onto the screen in a puff of blue smoke we could hear Robin Williams cheering him on in the background. As Jasmine slides onto the non-cartoon magic carpet, our vocals were at-the-ready for a sing-along to ‘A Whole New World’. While Aladdin strolls into the Cave Of Wonders we’re on the edge of our chair yelling ‘didn’t your mother tell you not to trust strangers ya knob’.

Whilst our childhood selves grapple with the latest trailer release, our more mature selves are impressed with the trailers ability to capture the same magic and sheer joy the original animated film brought to the silver screen. Although it may be hard to separate the old from the new, we’re excited for the movies release on May 23rd, where we will be front row and centre, with a large popcorn and coke, ready to lose ourselves in the magical world of Agrabah.