WATCH: Introducing Dick And Rob (Australia's Very Own COD-BOYZ)... Snaps For Enthusiasm

‘Look at these iconic fish of Australia being treated like this ... you'd have to be bloody disgusted with yourself.’

We hear you lads and we’re here to help share your message.

Located in NSW far-west, the locals of Menindee were in an outrage over the mass deaths of native fish, including the critically-endangered Murray Cod, located on the banks of the Darling River.

The local community and farmers are blaming the Murray-Darling Basin Authority for draining the Menindee Lakes twice in four years, leaving the fishy inhabitants stuck in stagnant pools. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the immediate trigger for the fish deaths was a cold snap over the weekend which killed much of the algae, depleting the river system of oxygen.

Much to the gentleman’s dismay, the ‘fish is never coming back’ (unless these fellas know of fish revival methods we aren’t aware of). Nonetheless, we agree that these circumstances are ‘bloody atrocious’, ‘bloody disgraceful’ and ‘bloody shameful.’ Thankfully, the use of the word ‘bloody’ multiple time garnered attention from Australian press, as well as, Fisheries and Regional Water Minister, Niall Blair.

Blair travelled to Menindee to investigate the algal blooms supposedly responsible for the mass fish deaths. Blair stated that the decision to drain the lakes over the last four years was not the sole responsibility of NSW and that the problem was a lack of replenishment due to drought.

Blair has since voiced that he wants to ensure all future water release are conducted ‘strategically’ but unfortunately ‘there is no silver bullet.’

We’re sure Dick and Rob (the true heroes of this story) are not going to be impressed with Blair’s response, especially since ‘we’re not bloody fourth world, fifth world country for Christ Sake.’



Laura Tebb