WATCH: 'Bel Air', A Dark, Moving Remake Of The 90's Sit-Com 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'


Attention 90’s kids, it is official, our Fresh Prince as we once knew him (goofy-ass Will Smith) could potentially be a long, distant memory.

Mega-fan and producer, Morgan Cooper has completely reimagined the quirky comedic story of an unlawful adolescent from Philly, played by Jerry Madison Jnr, where similar to the original he’s shipped off to his aunt and uncles for getting into trouble to often. However, the whole story is flipped and you’re taken on a journey of change, challenge and adversity.

Here’s to hoping this thing gets funded and we soon catch ‘Bel Air’ on Netflix of the big screen!

Also, while you’re here you should get across their new album, ‘Tasmania’ 🎧