WATCH: 20 Years Later, And There's A Remake Of Bomfunk MC's 'Freestyler'

It’s 20 years on since ya’ boys Bomfunk MC’s graced us with the gold mine that was, ‘Freestyler’, still commonly looked to for inspiration for bad 90’s threads for your friends upcoming fancy-dress 30th.

As part of a new advertising campaign by Telenet, to promote YUGO, their new smartphone entertainment service, they’ve had their ad-agency remake everybody’s favourite 90’s floor-filler with a completely fresh cast and a few sneaky hidden pop-culture tweaks (read more).

We suggest watching the original, followed by the remake, followed by the side-by-side version - You’re welcome…

The Original:

The 2019 Remake:

The side-by-side version: