WATCH: Cop A Primary School Flashback With The New Aunty Donna Sketch


Words by: Joe Dwyer

Melbourne sketch comics Aunty Donna have again served up a trademark dose of their bizarre, hilarious brand of comedy, and this time, they’ve decided to tackle something very dear to the hearts of all young Australians.

The motivational speaker at your primary school. You remember, the one who had climbed Kilimanjaro but lost a leg, or had won a bronze medal in archery at the Commonwealth games. Occasionally, if you were unlucky, you’d just get a teacher talking about their five years as a cop before becoming a teacher.

Well, in the hands of Aunty Donna, that classic primary school flashback has become a four-minute rollercoaster ride of the greatest hits of the motivational speaker. You’ve got the supposedly inspirational backstory, the loose grip on contemporary music (remember ‘Blue’? The 90s sure do), and the built-up rage from being, let’s face it, a bit of a failure.

The explosion of anger from the motivational speaker toward a student just humbly working on a laptop is pure primary school, except for the fact we didn’t have anything close to a laptop on assembly in 2002.

Do yourself a favour and have a geez at the video below. Just make sure you do it in a safe environment, so your laughter, your gasps, and your face of occasional confusion remains a secret only known to you. And maybe a loved one.