WATCH: Dude Who Does Aeroplane Trick Shots, Has Way Too Much Time On His Hands (Same tho)


Have you ever watched a video and thought to yourself, ‘these people have way too much time on their hands’. As they practice ropeless skipping (it’s actually a thing) or walk their pet goldfish (also a thing), you too have invested the last seven minutes of your life watching them partake in these pointless activities.

Welcome to my post-work, nightly Youtube binge. A revolving door of time-wasting.

During one of these soul destroying, im-secretly-judging-your-video-content binges, I stumbled across a group of adult men flying toy aeroplanes. Correction. Not just flying. Practicing and nailing a variety of WTF, how did you do that, aeroplane tricks. 6 minutes and 52 seconds later, I was a convert. Although I still think both the men involved and my youtube watching self probably have too much time on our hands, I’ve gotta give it to these guys, this shit is impressive. Feel free to waste your day, thank us later...