WATCH: Would you be prepared to drown for 50K?

What does $50,000 dollars mean to you?

A lifetime’s supply of overpriced granola, a round-the-world trip or maybe a down-deposit on a house not located in Sydney? Perhaps it would allow you to move to Bali for a few years, live the beach-bum lifestyle, smoking J’s and eating endless amounts of vegan food? Or for the sensible few, start a business, set some roots down and begin working towards a more fulfilled life. *insert sigh*

The real questions is - how far would you go, to win 50K cold, hard cash?

We’re throwing back to the early 2000’s to the days of Fear Factor. TV’s original ‘dare’ game show where we sadistically watched men and women torture themselves via food consumption and daredevil stunts. As much as we loved watching the contestants consume the raw egg of an emu and run through open flames, we asked ourselves, how far would we go to win the prize money? With this in mind, we’ve rallied some of the scariest, most water-filled ‘Fear Factor’ moments, showcasing cooked humans (they must be, right?) pushing themselves to the limit to win $50,000. Could you do this?