WATCH: GoPro Hits Us With 2 Billion ‘Holy Shit’ Moments


Words by: Joe Dwyer

When a video starts with a man jumping out of space, you have to wonder where it’s going to go from there. But when you realise you’re about to watch 3 minutes of incredible GoPro footage, celebrating 2 billion views on YouTube, you simply strap yourself in, and get ready to enjoy the ride.

A company that started by simply producing small, portable video cameras has grown to be an international juggernaut, and essential to capturing action, sports, and nature, and to be honest, literally anything that is cool. And ‘cool’ seems to have been the brief of this video, where the editors clearly had the mission statement of throwing in anything and everything that could make an audience say ‘holy shit.’

The video takes us through GoPro’s humble beginnings in 2004, to its explosion and revolutionary usage in 2009, but we’re all itching for the real action footage. Give us 2015 onwards, baby!

Gorgeous slow-motion clips of surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and skydiving fill the screen as powerful narration describes just how much impact the little GoPro has had. Watching this video makes me feel like I’m watching Supersize Me and gunning for a Big Mac, except GoPros are healthy, and I’m gunning for some action sports.

With pumping electronic beats underpinning thrilling visuals, this video will be the most heart-raising three minutes of your day (outside of a gym). Sink your teeth into it at the link below.