WATCH: Budding Barbers Busting Out Buzz Cuts At A Western Sydney High School

High school. A time pining for 10:30 recess, 1pm lunch and the 3 o’clock school bell. When the most exciting thing in your day was discussing how hot Sandra looked in P.E, saying ‘hi’ to Michael in the hallway or maybe if you were a downright rebel, smoking J’s behind the tennis court. The level of responsibility was low, the stress levels high (hello, hormones) and motivation - zero.


Looking to reinvigorate and motivate the 14 and 15 year old high school students at Granville Boys, the West Sydney high school opened up a high school barbershop. Targeting the disengaged, aka rascals in the year, the school realised existing discipline methods weren’t curbing the fighting and aggressive behaviour. Yep, pink slips, detention and time-outs are terrifying - *insert sarcasm. New method. Opening an in-school barbershop.

The move worked. Check it out below: