WATCH: Jaden Smith, The Fresh Prince of Coachella


Words by: Alia Lievore

Despite it being one of the most common surnames in the world, when someone mentions “The Smiths” you know exactly which ones they’re talking about. Led by Will, The Fresh Prince himself, each member of the family are Icons, (livin’) in their own right; proven most recently by Jaden (20) making his debut performance at Coachella, with the whole family in tow.

Lowering onto the stage in a Tesla (shout out to the environment) over the course of his Coachella Weekend #2 show Jaden was joined on stage by his sister Willow and father Will while Mumma Jada reportedly watched on from the crowd. For just 20 years old, Jaden has some real bangers in his discography, treating the crowd to tunes from his latest project The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story sporting pink hair, bleached blonde brows and a denim on denim outfit your Mum would have been proud of in the 90’s.

If you’re up to date with Will’s Instagram, you know he loves to document these sorts of family affairs. Vlogging up a storm at Coachella the 7-minute-long clip below takes you through the day from Will’s perspective, culminating with Will giving a weirdly goose bump inducing speech over the clip about how his young bloke has grown from a hard working kid to a full blown Coachella rap star.