WATCH: Inside Look Into LA’s Influential Skate And Music Scene

LA SKATE + MUSIC is the latest short documentary from Red Bull Music exploring the music and skateboarding culture in Los Angeles. Shot through the eyes of some of LA’s most influential skaters, this behind-the-scenes look goes beyond skateparks and street tricks. The doco highlights the role music plays in cultivating a culture that allows the skate community to break barriers regardless of ethnicity or gender.

The doco features director and founder of the Illegal Civilization skate crew collective Mikey Alfred, The Bots drummer Anaiah Lei, local skateboard and aspiring music producer Chelsea Castro, and skateboarder/music maker Hesh. They each highlight their own experience within the LA skate and music scene and how it’s shapes and influenced them as artists and as individuals.

Speaking of the connection between skateboarding and music, Anaiah Lei says, ‘They are just related, always have been...For skaters, a lot of people find their taste in music by watching skate videos.’ Chelsea Castro agrees, commentating that, ‘Music plays a huge part in skateboarding...There’s always a song playing when watching skate videos. Working on a video part takes so much time and effort, you want to find a song that compliments your style.’