WATCH: It’s A ‘Long Shot’ But We Think This Film Will Be Good

Long Shot is one of those films where the plot line would most likely never occur in real-life. A political rom-com following the typical boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy films, except it stars Charlize Theron as a hot Secretary Of State and Seth Rogen as a not-so-hot journalist.

In short, the film follows Secretary of State, Charlotte Field (Theron), as she prepares for a presidential bid. At an event, she bumps into Fred Flarsky (Rogen), a dorky, fluro dressed journo whom Field used to babysit way back in the day. Field subsequently hires Flarsky to work for her as a speechwriter. So begins the flirtatious friendship and what we’re betting will turn out to be a big-old-romance. Although we feel the storyline and ending is pretty obvious, we’re taking a long-shot here (see what we did there) and saying that this will be a cracker of a good, light-hearted film that is on our must-watch list. Watch the trailer below.