WATCH: We’re Calling It A Stoner Sundae, Here’s How To Make Weed Ice Cream

Image Source: Netflix

Image Source: Netflix

What do you get when you mix sweet Mary Jane with the god of the dairy world - one word - magic. Well… we thought it would be magic, that was until we watched VICE’s latest smokeables ‘How To’ video.

Using a traditional Alaskan ice cream recipe called, Aktutaq, and a whole lot of interesting ingredients, one very high dude set about making dessert. As you watch this, please keep in mind the word ice cream is used veryyyy loosely.

Here’s roughly how you do it:


  • Oil

  • Animal Fat

  • Preserves

  • Container stuff

  • Measuring cups

  • Weed

  • Cheese cloth

  • Ice


  1. Cut up animal fat

  2. Pour weed into frying pan

  3. Fry weed over campfire

  4. Add animal fat and mix

  5. Mix and cook with a cup of oil until fat is liquified

  6. Strain with cheesecloth

  7. Separately, crush ice

  8. Put ice in large bowl

  9. Mix in preserves

  10. Add your strained animal fat mixture

  11. Let your ice cream rest

  12. Enjoy?