WATCH: Only Everything Presents QUICK CHATS With Gamirez (Exclusive Interview)


Words by: Joe Dwyer

The journey from Uganda, to Perth, and to Brisbane is not a journey taken by many, but it’s a journey familiar to this brilliant Australian talent, Gamirez. Only Everything sat down for a quick chat with the MC, who talked us through his background, his origins in the rap game, and how it felt to see his face and hear his lyrics on MTV.

With lyrical skills honed in high school freestyle rap battles, Gamirez lets his flow loose over a diverse array of beats on killer tracks such as ‘Guarantee,’ ‘Luv,’ and ‘Grinding.’ While many of us might have memories of trying to take down the Year 10s with clunky bars about their mother’s weight, Gamirez has spun his youthful talent into a recording career, with his impressive body of work highlighting the creativity and potential of this hip-hop innovator.

Speaking on his motivations, Gamirez is clearly aware of the power a legacy can have, suggesting he wants to carve a space for future generations to follow. Given Gamirez’s own music highlights the influence of artists like J Cole, Tupac, DMX, Ja Rule, and Akon, it’s clear that continuing on the traditions of past artists is crucial for Gamirez.

A major J Cole fan, Gamirez quotes the line ‘I gotta get up out this city ‘fore it try to trap me,’ from ‘Home For The Holidays,’ as a lyric that has stuck with him for years. Maybe that’s why he’s constantly travelling between Perth and Brisbane, working on his career, and grinding his way to the top - too long in one city and this MC feels trapped. But you won’t feel trapped if you spin one of his sensational tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube (links below), and let yourself sink into the verbal twists and turns, and the classic production, that are hallmarks of a Gamirez tune.