WATCH: You Thought Your Job Was Bad, Meet A Professional Poo Diver

From the moment you wake up, flick on the kettle to make your first shitty instant coffee of the day, trudge to work, sit for eight hours, trudge home and flick that same kettle to make a nutrient-lacking dinner of mi-goreng, ask yourself, how many times have I complained about my job today?

I googled roughly how many times daily a person ‘career complains’ but couldn’t come to a conclusive answer, however, I’m willing to bet my right toe that it’s a lot. So the next time you open the work fridge door and curse internally because f**king Sandra hasn’t bought milk again, or the fact that the air conditioning is working too well and you have to wear a sweater, give a thought to these guys - meet a team of professional poo divers.

Tasked with making sure the country’s sewerage processing plants are running well, their Monday to Friday entails suiting up and diving into toxic ponds of sh*t. Clearing through the ponds obstructions, this team have found teeth, undies and a whole lotta corn. Yum! Working in pitch black conditions, swimming through thick sludge and dealing with, what we can only imagine is a horrific stench these guys have one things to say. It ‘smells like money’.