WATCH: A Classic - Two Surfers And A Two-Year Odyssey Of Exploration To The South Of Sian

“We were on a journey to rediscover the freedom found, where lines are crossed, rules are broken and life is taken back from the hands of others.

A brute old four wheel drive, a couple of motorbikes and a literal stack of surfboards, resembled our riches. We were heading south to Sian.”


Childhood mates, surfers and bike enthusiasts, Harrison Roach and Zye Norris, began a three-month venture, exploring a collection of surf breaks across the jungle terrain of Indonesia. What started as a surf trip between mates soon became a two-year odyssey of ‘exploration, injury, companionship and 4,000km of two-wheeled, single-finned escape from the real-world burdens of modern life.’

Journeying by land and sea, bike, boat and board across the Indonesian archipelago, with nothing but the bare essentials, this was more than just a couple of mates going beyond the guard rails. This was a life-changing opportunity.

And so their quest South to Sian began…