WATCH: People Are Going Nuts For Rare Superfood Seaweed Called 'Mozuku' being farmed out of Okinawa

Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa, home to some of the most unique seaweed in the world. It is here that a rare underwater delicacy is grown and harvested called, Mozuku.

Each fall, local farmer Tadashi Oshiro, uses a special technique to sustainably harvest Mozuku. His one-of-a-kind farming methods were passed down to him by his father, using a process that allows the Mozuku to grow without creating additional waste or damage to it’s natural surrounds.

In saying that, the change in the ocean and the impact humans are having on their natural surrounds is creating an uncertain future for the growth and survival of Mozuku. The pollution caused by human waste and byproducts may mean that this interesting little corner of Japanese cuisine will be heavily impacted, if not destroyed. ‘Awareness levels about the environment must be raised to protect the ocean. We get a lot out of the ocean but i think we hardly give it anything in return,’ states Tadashi.

Although changes in the environment leave the future of Mozuku uncertain, Tadashi continues to uphold his family’s legacy hoping to continue the family business through the years to come. Check it out!