WATCH: Oldies Tell Us What They Love About Getting Old (CUTE AF) In 'The Blessings Of Aging'

When I was 5, my next door neighbour told me not to eat play dough or it would make me sick. She was a wise, wise woman and oh how right she was. I stopped eating play dough soon after, but not before a good solid binge sesh and a sore tummy.

At the tender age of 10, my womanhood came to fruition and my father told me to speak to my mother. Advice that I took on board religiously for the remainder of my young adult life.

At 20 I experienced my first heartbreak - my grandmother poured me a glass of red and told me that all men are dicks, but that’s exactly what we need them for. So go find yourself another dick.’  

At 25, I was in the midst of yet another breakup. As I sat in a cafe contemplating listening to Celine Dion for the 100th time I was comforted by a random lady well into her eighties. As she listened to me wallow in self-pity she hit me with her hard truths. She said, ‘If I could go back to your age I would tell myself three things. Do all the things you can do now, without responsibility. Love yourself and last, but not least, stop for a moment and smell the roses.’ Aka pick your sorry arse up off the floor and go live your life you sad, useless twat.


So as I reflect back on my short 27 years of life, some of the best advice I have ever received have been from those who have lived and learned - the wise, old and wrinkly amongst us. So before we sit back and pretend like we know everything there is to know about anything (f*cking millennials) I would argue that the best thing you could do for yourself is spend 5 minutes listening to the life learnings of those who have lived and learned before us.

The Blessings of Aging is just that, a short film documenting the many upsides of getting older, narrated by residents of a retirement community. There are some pearlers here, so sit back, enjoy and start taking some notes.