WATCH: Our Synopsis Of The NEW Lion King Trailer (*Cries)

Source: The Lion King Trailer

Source: The Lion King Trailer

It took 10 seconds for the Lion King trailer to throw me kicking and screaming into the arms of childhood nostalgia. In-between terrifying Hyenas and plenty of Mufasa-esq words of wisdom, this trailer packed on the swelling violins and basically broke Box Office records already.

It starts with a horror film led by Scar and ends with the optimistic tones of ‘Hakuna Matata’. It’s a wild wildebeest stampede-style ride (too soon). Here’s a play by play of every thought we had watching our childhoods return in full force.

  1. Hyenas are terrifying.

We’ve seen a live-action Beast be ‘PG’-levels of scary in Beauty and the Beast, but that’s nothing compared to the ratty looking terror that these Hyenas are putting down. Their shadowy figures and carnivorous smiles are extended ten-fold by a brooding Scar and his disfigured face. Be prepared, damn right I will be.

  1. I’m crying.

    This lil flying bug is gonna rip my heart out already. This instrumental build-up is plucking heart-strings already. Oh no, the mournful expression in the eyes of this monkey is too soulful I’m going full existential help.

  2. Mufasa, oh god.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

  1. Pumba went on a diet.

    Lit by a luminescent moon, Pumba definitely seems to have slimmed down. Ah the toxic climate of Hollywood, not even a Warthog can escape the pressures on body-image – probably wants to join the ranks of ‘Hollywood Chrises’. Whatever he looks like, this trailer still doesn’t give us much of a glimpse into our favourite comedy duo. I wonder how their comedy (which, lets face it, was a lot of exaggerated facial expressions) will translate to live-action.

  2. Okay I can’t tell what these lions are thinking.

Unlike the soul-crushing eye contact from that monkey, all of these lions are impossible to read. Even Simba’s escape from Scar seems weirdly beige when you try and read any emotion into his eyes. Okay I’ve watched this trailer too many times.

  1. Lord knows I’ll be playing Hakuna Matata until Scar becomes Hyena poop.

It was a perfect way to end the trailer, with a beautiful rendition of that heart-warming hit we’ve all jammed to a couple times. Plus these guys can SING.

In the increasing field of live-action Disney remakes, ‘The Lion King’ seems to have the most hype. Maybe it’s the all-star cast, or maybe it’s the fact that this one doesn’t promise some blue Will Smith-genie hybrid. Maybe I shouldn’t question it. After all:
It’s the circle of life and it moves us all straight to Hoyts with wallets in hands and lion king memorabilia in toe.