WATCH: Indonesia's Tobacco Children By Unreported World

Words by: Emily Smith

While smoking becomes less popular here in Australia, the same sadly can’t be said for the rest of the world.

This clip follows Unreported World’s travels to Indonesia, a “country which is smoking itself to death”.

In Indonesia, children are smoking as young as two years old, with the country being the world’s fastest growing cigarette market. And the cigarettes they’re smoking? They contain three times the tar yield of the strongest on sale in Britain.

Horrified? On top of this, the country doesn’t have a minimum age for buying cigarettes, nor any education on how bad they are for you.

Smoking related diseases are killing 200,000 Indonesians per year, and one man has made it his mission to stop the pandemic sweeping the country. Watch this heart-wrenching story, about young innocents being sucked into the habit of smoking regularly, and even risking their healthy by harvesting tobacco for some of the UK’s biggest cigarette companies.