WATCH: She’s Back! The Spotlight’s On Alison Wonderland With Her Cracking New Single ‘Peace’

Words by: Joe Dwyer

Alison Wonderland, the electronica wunderkind, is back in a big way, with an absolutely killer sound and a cracking single to go with it. A rousing chorus, beautiful synth work, and impossibly danceable rhythms are classic hallmarks of an Alison Wonderland hit, but she’s taken it to another level on this fresh track, ‘Peace.’

The bass-driven, heavy dance sound that was crucial to Wonderland’s early work has now been replaced by a more sensitive, soulful side to her songwriting - but without losing any of its fun, groovy edge.

Classic pop hooks soar over the stripped-back production, but it never feels like this is merely an exercise in experimentation from Wonderland. At the end of the day, as a songwriter/singer/producer/DJ/probably an Elvis impersonator, Wonderland is always keeping one eye firmly on the audience. And as the audience of someone listening to this new track on Spotify for the sixth time today (ie, me), I can confirm she’s hit the nail on the head again.

The music video itself is worth the price of admission, even outside of the brilliant song that underpins it. Rays of shooting strobe lights dance over Wonderland’s face as she sings directly to the camera, a move that really does make it feel like she’s trying to communicate directly with you. A radiant flash of white light hits in the chorus, playing off against her punky blue her. A truly delectable visual experience is matched only by the quality of the song you’re hearing underneath.

On cold winter nights, it’s important to have a banger or two to warm you up. This wonderful slice of Wonderland magic will keep you heated, and keep the atmosphere pumping, in the clubs, at pres, and in your car on the way to work. No matter the occasion, she’s got you covered.

Watch the music video for the electric, brilliant ‘Peace’ below: