WATCH: Stephanie Gilmore Partners With Nikon And Its Damn Beautiful


Words by: Guy Webster

Pro-surfer and resident stellar human, Stephanie Gilmore is partnering with Nikon this week to deliver a never-before-seen glimpse into her experiences on and off the waves. Titled ‘Freedom to Achieve’, this lifestyle series is a cinematic look at what a seven-time world surfing champion values, believes, and does with her time. Since her first win in 2007, Steph has always looked to photography as a way to capture important moments in her life. As she mentions in the clip, ‘photographs and stories and memories, [are] all we really have.’.

Heavy stuff. 

Now, as brand ambassador for Nikon, Steph seems excited to spread her love for both photography and surfing. With unprecedented access into her training regimen and breathtaking shots of her favourite coastal hot spots (plus a sneaky guitar solo or two), this series is perfect for fans of Gilmore as well as those of us who just love scenic shots of awe-inspiring sunrises. Gilmore has always handled herself with confidence and a magnetic positivity. With the Nikon Z 6 it seems she found the perfect medium to capture a different kind of positivity, one she finds in the world around her every day.