WATCH: The Heartwarming Prison Show You Didn't Know You Were Missing

Words by: Emily Smith

Missing your dose of Orange is the New Black

We can offer you one better.

Girls Incarcerated is our latest Netflix binge. Revealing the raw, real lives of teenage girls at two juvenile correctional facilities in Indiana, the show gives us a glimpse into the girls’ struggles with heartbreak and inner turmoil.

The girls are missing out on regular life and milestones while they’re locked up, however do their best to live as normal lives as possible, celebrating birthdays and high school graduations from behind bars.

We see them forming friendships (and making enemies) with their fellow inmates, all the while remembering that one wrong step will have them in big trouble…

And the best part: the inevitable romance blooming for some of our favourite inmates.

There are some real characters in Girls Incarcerated – some you’ll fall in love with, and others you’ll love to hate.

This heart-warming, raw show is exactly what you need to fill the void left behind by Stranger Things series 3 (let’s be honest, we all know you’ve finished it already).